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Cooking for a crowd with a toaster

I have been volunteering at a homeless shelter and helping them cook and serve breakfast for a few years now. It makes a real difference to the lives of these people who have nowhere else to go and have to spend. And I am always surprised by the sheer number of people who are homeless and need a place to stay. While we have many regulars, most of the people eating at the shelter come and go. It is a joy to hear some of the stories about how volunteers have helped the lives of the unfortunate many.

The biggest challenge when cooking for the homeless is the sheer scale. For an average breakfast, we will serve about 300 meals and this means a lot of prep and cooking time. We have to cook in large vats and usually stick to simple dishes like scrambled eggs and waffles. One of the staples is the morning toast and no breakfast is complete without it. We used to toast the bread in the oven but we often burnt them which lead to wastage that we could do without. So, we decided to start using toasters a few weeks ago. While we could use cheap 2 slice toasters, we decided to use a best 4 slice toaster to cut down on the time it takes to get that amount of toasted slices out. This cut down on a lot of time and we decided to use a 4 slice toaster in the kitchen and leave a 2 slice toaster out for people who wanted to toast their own bread.

This solution works great and now we can save more time to spend on the other preparations. We have even started to make some other breakfast dishes like French toast and breakfast burritos on some Sundays. I highly recommend volunteering to help the homeless to get a little bit more perspective in your life. (More reading: Gradys line camp)

Consider Zojirushi bread machines

Nothing makes a meal much better than homemade fresh made bread. Whether you are using it to make your lunch sandwich or you are eating it as part of the dinner, bread is a mealtime food for many families. The only drawback is that it can be very expensive to purchase from the bakery. It never tastes good as it does when it is made fresh. Also, you may not be sure when it was made.

BreadMaker (2)

Zojirushi bread machine is the cream when talking about the best bread making machines. Zojirushi has been making bread since 2006. Since that time, they have been the delight of many home bakers. Although they may not be cheap for everyone, after using them several times for baking bread, I think they are worth it. The machines are worth exactly what they are priced for. They are convenient, versatile, consistent and produces quality.

They have two kneading blades that knead the flour perfectly within no time. When the flour is kneaded well, the flavor is also improved for the best results. Although Zojirushi comes with many features this should not worry since they are very easy to use. They also have some automated functions that beginners will love to use. It helps make all kinds of bread come out as if they have been made by an expert.

It bakes a perfect loaf of bread within no time because the blades are very efficient. The material, coupled with the power makes the machine perform well. It has many programmed settings that make it easy to use. It also last for many years. Some of its features include dual kneading blades to knead the dough thoroughly, a quick baking circle, a measuring cup and a measuring spoon.

Why I Will Always Go Through Reviews Before Buying An Espresso Machine

To begin with; I love well blended and brewed coffee. I really can’t tell when my love for coffee started, but I some how owe all of it to my parents. When I was growing up, I saw them make espresso every other day. However, when we were big enough, my sister and I decided to move into our own apartment. Although, I knew it was going to be fun, I was sad. I was not going to enjoy my mother’s well brewed cup of espresso.


However, since I had a few skills, I asked her if she could give me the machine we had had in our kitchen for years. Sadly she refused to part with the machine, but promised to buy me a new one. Three days after we had our discussion she sent the money; however, she advised I first go through quite a number of espresso machine reviews before I made my choice. I knew how that was important; after all, over the years I have seen my parents go through espresso machine reviews before buying one.

Its is now over 5 months since I moved into my own apartment, and thanks to a good number of reviews on espresso machines I went through, I now have one of the best espresso machines around. It does its job perfectly well and from the time I bought it, I have consistently and constantly enjoyed tasty espresso every other day. So if great and well blended espresso is something you want to be apart of, I suggest you go through espresso machine reviews before singling out the of the best. With these kind of reviews, you will not only get an idea of some of the best machines out there, but also their prices and even what other consumers are saying about them.

I am Now Living My Dream – Thanks to Virtual Office Benefits


Upon graduating from business school, I couldn’t wait to start my career in the corporate world. I couldn’t help but envisage myself working in a big multinational company and earning a fat pay-check at the end of every month. Looking back, I know I wasn’t alone as far as this mentality is concerned, but I was so wrong. Don’t be mistaken though; I am not saying that it is impossible to land your dream job in your dream company. I mean to say that it didn’t work out for me. Most of the companies I was eyeing said that they weren’t hiring.

The only thing I accomplished in a span of two years was a six months internship with a medium sized company. Well, I was done waiting, and it was time for me to dream afresh. I was ready to begin my accounting firm, at all cost. I had the experience and the necessary educational requirements. Well, within three months I had everything in place apart from an office. Finding a cheap office space in Hong Kong wasn’t an easy task, and I even gave up.


When searching for office space over the internet, I learned about virtual office space in Hong Kong. As soon as I understood its operations and the numerous benefits, it immediately became a suitable option for my case. The only difficult task was to locate the best virtual office provider that I eventually did. The whole office thing turned out to be simpler than I had imagined. Besides, I was happy to keep some of my savings and channel some to the marketing activities of the newly established firm. Unlike the traditional office setting, I don’t have to meet the usual office expenses and high rent charges for office space.

For me, virtual office has helped make considerable savings in terms of money and time. I work from the comfort of my home- that means I don’t spend much money on fuel and time stuck in the morning and evening traffic. Besides, I have business address in the most reputable location in the city. This has made my firm enjoy incredible reputation and subsequently the trust of small to medium and large organizations. As a start-up company, I have had the pleasure of finding the most cost effective solutions. I practice professionalism even without renting actual office space.

My Handy Tips For People Looking For The Best Kitchen Knives

To start off; I am probably one of the people who come across tons and tons of kitchen knives from different companies every other day. After all, having been cooking for decades and currently operating one of the biggest restaurants in town, what did you expect. Will all this experience, I have come to know how to pick the top kitchen knives from a group of knives. I know the ins and outs of shopping the best knife and today, I can easily tell a good knife from just looking at it. Well, if getting top kitchen knives either for your kitchen or eating joint in town is something you have been giving some serious thoughts lately, let me help you pick the right one.


For decades, this is one thing I have over and over used to pick the best knife; the handle. The handle of my kitchen knife must be comfortable and offer the best grip. It does not even stop there; the kind of material that has gone into the construction of the handle is paramount. Many at times, I settle for nothing less than plastic or wood handles. They are some of my top kitchen knives choices and you also should go for them for they are the best.

Stainless or non-stainless? Well, without any questions, stainless knives have consistently become some of my top choices. I know what this kind of design can do; it can break or even make my choice. There are a couple of reasons why I always go for stainless top kitchen knives. First, food does not stick on them and the best part; they are surprisingly easy to clean. My advice to people; if today you are looking for the best knife, go for stainless knife.

Last but not least; versatility of my kitchen knives is another important thing that I always take into great consideration. I love a knife that can help me do a couple of things in the kitchen from slicing, mincing, and dicing among others.

At the end, as you can see, there are possibly quite an array of things that go into getting the best of the best; if it is your first time shopping for this great kitchen tool, you can easily get confused; however, with my tips above, there is no way you could go wrong. There are some of the things and tricks I use like every other day.

How Good is My Singer Sewing Machine


Sewing machines are one of the most useful equipment for a home; especially for house wives who love stitching and sewing not just as necessity but hobby. There are several brands of sewing machine that you can find in the market but very few brands have managed stay the best and Singer is one of them. You can find a lot of Singer sewing machine reviews on the internet and these good sewing machine reviews help you understand more about the product right from the people who have used or using them. And it is always good to know about any product before buying it to ensure your investment is a wise one.

Singer has different types of sewing machines each with it’s own unique features and options to suit specific needs of a user. There are electronic machines that come with various automatic features that makes stitching very easy. They come with state of the art advance features such as LCD touch screen operation with hundreds of built in stitching patterns, automatic thread trimming, auto pilot mode, memory for storing your own stitch patterns, etc and more. These machines are ideal for professionals and people who stitch more frequently as part of hobby or business.

There are basic sewing machines, models specific for embroidery, sergers and various industrial machines that Singer offers. So this brand is just one stop shop for all your stitching and sewing needs; whether you are a home maker or a business center. When you read singer sewing machine reviews; not only you can learn about user experiences but get to know what type of machine to choose for your specific needs. You can simply avoid choosing the wrong product and get the best model to meet your needs.

Singer is one of the best sewing machine brands but like all other products and brands, it has some pros and cons too. And you can learn about these pros and cons only by reading user reviews who genuinely share their unbiased thoughts. While pros are always in favor of buyers, cons help you filter the products and choose the one that fits your preference. There are chances that you can find a model that is flawless and perfect without any cons to it’s credit. But you can know that only from reviews from people who have used it; especially the ones who have been using it from long time.

Choosing the Best Air Mattress

Bedroom - young woman sleeping

There are so many air mattress brands at the marketplace. There are all sorts of promises made by manufacturers on the quality, durability, comfort levels and portability of their air mattress brands. It is however good to seek reviews from other customers and experts before making a purchase. One can get some of the best air mattress reviews on the internet from clients who have used different brands.

The choice of the air mattress would depend on whether the mattress would be used indoors or outdoors. Air mattresses for use in camping outdoors need to be of a tough material and easier to clean. Out there, the mattress might get pricked, dirtied by dusty winds or the camping ground. One can buy a less rugged and soft mattress for indoor use. The mattress must also fit the bed in which it is to be placed. Bed sizes come in single, twin size, king or Queen Size. Similarly, those camping outside need to be sure that the mattress can fit in the tent before purchase. One should also decide whether to buy raised mattresses or floor ones. Some of the best air mattress reviews say that the raised mattresses are easier to get into than floor ones. However, floor air mattresses of the same quality are cheaper. The best air mattress for guests should be easily rolled away after use to save space.

Some air mattresses come with a built-in pump while others have a manual pump. Built-in pumps are easier to use than manual ones. However, they tend to break down easily when compared to the manual ones. It is also cheaper to replace a manual pump than the inbuilt one. Finally, it is desirable to check on other features that may add to the mattress comfort or functionality. There are air mattresses that come with memory foam, others have dual chambers. Some brands also come with an easy to use repair kit. Extra features come with an extra cost but may be worth the added cost.

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